Friday, December 20, 2013

December paintings...

Earlier this week, I completed this iris painting -- "Royal Purple II" -- using a photo I'd taken several years ago in my backyard garden. I've painted this subject before, but never was satisfied with the outcome. 

Here are a few photographs I took during a two-day watercolor workshop offered here in Worcester MA and organized through the painting studio of Jo Ellen Reinhardt.  

Always mix PLENTY of color!
Our workshop instructor each day was Robert J. O'Brien. He did an absolutely stunning job, encouraging us through demonstration, one-on-one advice, and generally being a supportive and positive influence. I'm fairly certain that almost everyone participating  left each day-long workshop with a sense of having learned a lot and having made some great new acquaintances. Quite a few of us hope to see Robert at a return-visit workshop sometime during 2014.
Robert demonstrating how to paint birches in a winter landscape.