Thursday, February 20, 2020

February sunflowers I

It's that time of year when seed catalogs start filling up the mailbox, and every time I go to the grocery store I'm tempted by the colorful array of cut flowers on offer. Today a bunch of sunflowers caught my eye and became the inspiration for this watercolor sketch-in-progress. Trying to keep it light and loose. I'm using a quarter-sheet of Fabriano Artistico #300 cold-press paper, a #6 Golden Fleece rigger from Cheap Joe's. Stay tuned for updates (and the finished painting).

"February Sunflowers, detail"

Monday, February 17, 2020

News about "Art in the City" 2020

Since 2013, I've donated paintings to this annual event, and this year I'm honored to have my painting, "Mixed Bouquet"selected as the signature artwork for the Family Health Center of Worcester's annual "Art in the City" benefit auction. 
This evening gala is held at the beautiful and historic Mechanics Hall in Worcester on Friday, May 8 -- it's always lots of fun, food, great music, and most of all, it's made possible by hard-working volunteers and generous artists and other sponsors! 
Learn more about the auction at this link  And if you're an artist who would like to donate a piece of your work to this year's auction here is a link for that. Don't delay: the deadline  for submitting donated artwork is in mid-March.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Holiday Amaryllis study

Holiday Amaryllis" detail

Last Christmas, my husband received an amaryllis that needs no planting. It doesn't require any potting soil (and not even a pot!). The bulb is encased in a thick blob of paraffin (or something!), so it can easily be set on a sunny windowsill to encourage its growth. It's been fun to watch it start to bloom -- and it's the perfect subject for an rainy-afternoon studio session.

I started with a line drawing on #140 cold press Kilimanjaro Bright White paper. My goal is to capture the sort of perky, stalwart quality of the bright scarlet blooms, and the hard, shiny surface of the encased bulb.
"Holiday Amaryllis" detail

The photo reference (taken with my iPhone) is not the greatest quality. And the quick (iPhone) shots of early stages of this watercolor study show the pencil lines as well as the mingling of several red pigments in the blossom.
Reference photo for "Holiday Amaryllis"

Finished study. Not exactly what I'd expected or hoped for, but at least it's colorful!

"Holiday Amaryllis"  transparent watercolor  12" x 16" unframed