Sunday, November 6, 2022

Back at the easel...

After way too much time away from painting, I hauled out my oils and easel yesterday so I could start a small (very small) panel. I knew if I chose anything larger than 5" x 7" I would probably step away and leave it unfinished. 
Hence a little study of a barn, based on a photo I took several years ago in western Massachusetts. I sold a watercolor rendering of this barn, but although I'd already done it once, this seemed like the perfect image to be done in oils, and also for getting my creative engines revved up. 
Once the panel dries, I'll add a few final details -- perhaps a fence in the foreground, etc. But for now, this is it. Stay tuned for new images later this week.

Rural Barn, step 1

Rural Barn, step 2