Friday, May 22, 2015

Peony... again

Every time I pull this photo out of my reference pile, it's a little like the movie, "Groundhog Day." I have used this photo a number of times and have had varying degrees of success painting this single blossom. I have been fortunate to sell each version that I've done (which is gratifying).

This morning I sketched it on a scrap of #300 Kilimanjaro...  it's one of several odds and ends of paper that I can't bear to toss out, even though there is something painted on the flip side! Several years ago I learned, from an award-winning artist who exhibits nationally, that he does that all the time! I was surprised, and then I figured there was no reason to throw away perfectly useable paper simply because one side had already been marked up.

I did an outline sketch first, to keep the proportions and the shapes under control. Then I added a few darks first (this is not the usual order for me -- I generally start light and leave the darks for last), and also made sure that I put some color accents in right at the beginning. After these details were completely dry, I covered the entire flower with a single, pale wash  (Permanent Rose).  Then I went to the dentist.

When I returned, I put another several hours into the painting. Altogether, it took about six hours to paint. You can bid on it in my Daily Paintworks auction by by clicking the "bid" button below; payment is via Paypal.


I think I might retire this photo, as I've used it as a reference so many times. Maybe this summer I can get some new peony photos...

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