Monday, April 1, 2019

Memories of Italy

When I travel, I like to take a lot of photographs, which occasionally gets in the way of being able to enjoy myself. Nonetheless, when I went to Italy in 2015 with a high school friend I was glad that I brought my camera! Our time there was unforgettable, especially since we were staying on the Ligurian Coast in the "off" season when there were relatively few tourists. This region, known for its seafood and its many small villages clinging to the edge of rocky cliffs or dotting the steep, inland hillsides, is incomparably picturesque. If I ever find myself at a loss for a subject to paint, I just pull out a few of the pictures I took while in Italy. Today, I completed this watercolor sketch, after getting a little inspiration from my reference photos taken while traveling in the Cinque Terre.
"Cinque Terre Path"
transparent watercolor   6.5" x 5"
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Camogli, Italy
View from a cable car in Rapallo, Italy

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