Tuesday, April 2, 2019

On the line

"Wash Day"
transparent watercolor  6.5" x 5"
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Clotheslines used to be commonplace in almost everyone's yard, but not any longer. In our neighborhood, there are fewer than four (obvious) clotheslines in use (some people may have one of those retractable lines that they roll out only when needed...).

My grandmother washed everything, including sheets and towels, by hand and hung her laundry to dry in the back yard. I can recall the dismay I felt when asked to help my mother clothes-pin dozens of my younger siblings' recently washed cloth diapers to the line –– and then later having to un-pin and fold them...

And although it may seem like drudgery as you face a pile of wash to hang on the line, it's difficult to argue against the picturesque quality of laundry flapping in a fresh breeze...!


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