Saturday, April 10, 2021


As there are several days left in my "waiting period" following my second covid19 vaccine, I'm keeping a low profile and working mostly in the studio. Today, however, I tried out a new mixed media sketchbook and challenged myself to work outdoors. Our back yard doesn't offer the most picturesque scenes, but I was intrigued with the thought of painting some angle of our house. 

I chose a view of a shadowy overhang where our second-story deck provides support for a sturdy wire trellis. My husband started some grapevines a few years ago, and although they're cut back now they will, in a fairly short time, again be filling out with leaves, then blossoms, and –– grapes! 

Because I'm particularly dismal at painting rocks, our lovely stone retaining wall running along one edge of yard is only suggested with some dabs of gray and tan. However, spending 30 minutes with the sketchbook was satisfying. I'll give it another try soon.

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