Monday, June 28, 2021


After participating in a two-day Zoom workshop with Iain Stewart, I'm focused on my watercolor sketchbook as a way to strengthen my skills and try out some new angles. The workshop was enormously motivating, and Iain is a great instructor. (Click here for more information about "GoTerracotta," the workshop platform, and to see available openings for classes with a range of superb artists).  
We focused on several landscape techniques. Here is one of my sketches from Saturday's session.

After working on a few other landscapes, this morning I felt the need to branch out a bit and do a portrait sketch of my mother. Here is a step-by-step "description" of the process I used that that sketch. (I originally planned to paint her with her glasses on -- as shown in the first image -- but decided against it as I completed the sketch.)


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