Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Branching out...

After having spent many decades painting in transparent watercolor, this summer I was intrigued with the idea of working once again in oils. I had originally learned the rudiments of oil painting from my grandmother who, herself a painter, generously supplied me with materials, opportunity, and encouragement. Off and on I dabbled for several years, until other interests diverted my attention once I hit adolescence. Art school would have given me an even more solid grounding in this medium, and others, if I had remained for the entire three-year program, but I left after one year.

Fast-forward to June 2022, when I responded to a Facebook notice about a plein air workshop in Maine. As I added a collection of oil paints, bristle brushes, and gum spirits of turpentine to my studio supplies,  and purchased a French easel, I looked ahead with enthusiasm (and trepidation) to the challenge of jump-starting my lagging creative impulses. 

It was great to meet other artists in such a relaxed atmosphere, and to be in a gorgeous, secluded location, Andover, Maine (near Sunday River). The experience turned out to be a HUGE uphill climb for me in terms of being comfortable with oils, which have virtually nothing in common with watercolors (except for sharing the names of some pigments...). However, I hope I persevered... 
Below are a few of my early "starts" (not finished works) two on the easel were done on the first day of painting, and the other were done on the following day. 

Two beginner panels... 
Study #3, Andover, Maine. Oil on linen panel, 12” x 9”

Study #4, Andover, Maine. Oil on linen panel, 12” x 9”

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